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I love all books, but I find fantasy and science fiction most enjoyable. I read whenever I can outside of school, which mostly leads to bursts of literature over breaks.

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The Dirt Eaters

The Dirt Eaters - Dennis Foon I was surprised with how much I enjoyed The Dirt Eaters by Dennis Foon. I only picked it up in the first place because the title caught my eye in the library, and I was in need of a quiet reading novel. It ended up being about 15-year-old Roan, who escapes the massacre of his pacifist village in a post-appocoliptic world. He soon discovers the dangers of the outside world and eventually falls into a religious group of warriors that has darker intentions than he first imagined. Although I was sometimes bothered by the present-tense writing, I was entranced by the fantastical world the author created and the cast of charming characters in this novel. I would recommend to someone who is looking for something different to read.