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I love all books, but I find fantasy and science fiction most enjoyable. I read whenever I can outside of school, which mostly leads to bursts of literature over breaks.

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Uglies - Scott Westerfeld After receiving Uglies as a birthday present several year ago, I left it to sit on my shelf. I thought it was just too mainstream and mean-girlish to read. However, after recently discovering my love of dystopian novels, I finally decided to pick it up. It's about Tally Youngblood, a girls who live in a society where everyone becomes "Pretty" on their 16th birthday. She becomes friends with a girl who says that when you are operated on to become Pretty, more than just you physical appearance is changes. She talks of running away to a secret rebellion, where no one ever has to become Pretty. I thought the implication of the novel, the lesson that we are only as beautiful as we think we are, is nice, but that was about it. There was absolutely no character development, and it was just as filled with girl drama as I feared. Perhaps it's just me who doesn't like this sort of book, but honestly I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone unless they love Sarah Dessen and other cliquey writers.